Beautiful Nerissa in tan pantyhose

Although it was pretty warm outside, I asked Nerissa to wear her tan pantyhose under her short jeans because I wanted to spend some special moments with her pleasing me. I bought these pantyhose especially for her long perfect legs, imagining how they would feel on her feet.
She put these soft tan pantyhose on, and she ordered me to touch her feet. Coming closer to her I could feel the warmth of her legs and the sweet odor of her large soles. She asked me to kiss her feet and I obeyed instantly, obviously satisfied. She pushed her toes into my mouth and can could feel the reinforcement of the pantyhose on my lips. My hands were touching along her silky legs, rubbing and caressing, while my mouth was busy sucking her long, tasty toes.

tan pantyhose

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Celine – tan pantyhose on table

Coming home after spending a night at the club, Celine is happy and enthusiastic, eager to go on with the party. Wearing her sexy green blouse and short white jeans she feels so comfortable, although she has danced all evening. She has made a favorable impression on everybody when she appeared dressed like that, wearing these amazing high heels sandals, perfectly matched to her blouse. These gorgeous sandals made my day! So sexy and fashionable, emphasising the natural beauty of Celine’s feet. The smooth tan pantyhose make her long legs even sexier and more appealing to me. I have waited to come home from the club in order to manifest my excitation. Her sandals were mine for some time, my senses are full of their smell and touch, and know I’m into kissing and caressing Celine’s wide, smooth and perfumed soles.

tan pantyhose

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Sexy girl Aurora in tan pantyhose

Aurora’s love for fashion, clothes and shoes made her gather tones of shoes in her wardrobe. She is also interested in meeting people and finding more about them. She found as very interesting my foot fetish and that’s why she wants to show me every pair of shoes she buys.
Today she wears black and silver elegant high heels sandals, gorgeous accessories on her perfectly shaped feet. Redhead Aurora is very sexy in this black and blue dress that emphasizes the slender wasp waist. Her long legs are so soft and silky with the tan pantyhose on, making me want to touch them, to kiss them. I can notice the black sexy nails under the pantyhose and I’m longing to suck a bit on them. She teases me lifting her legs, dangling the sexy sandals and rubbing the feet in front of me, tangling me completely.
She wants to make me want her more and she wants to find out how much I resist not licking her soles. Horny enough, I stand in front of her with her feet in my hands, my tongue touching her all-over. She is very pleased because she knows I worship her feet and I’m her aroused slave.

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Beautiful Nerissa in tan nylons

Nerissa is dressed in an animal print fine dress. Her arms and legs are fully shown: long and delicate. Her red lipstick on the meaty lips is in the same tone as the nice polished nails. She sits on the sofa and her long legs in tan nylons are very appealing to me. ..And to everybody, I’m sure. Delicate and sexy in the same time! Putting her head on the pillow and her feet on the small glass table was more than an invitation to me. The smell of her feet was so sweet and I started to kiss them. The soft and delicate tan nylons were so exiting and I moved my face along the legs wanting to feel all the sensations it made me
feel. Finally, I sucked and tasted the sweet flavour of her long meaty soles and toes.

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