Isis-Sexy tattooed girl with nylon socks

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Isis is sexy like a vixen, tall and slender but willing to be worshipped. Today she is wearing some nylon socks with little black hearts. I can already feel the silky texture of her socks, the warmth of her large soles on my hands. What I also love about Isis is the way she wants to be special and unique: her tattoos are amazing and symbolic. I think she looks a bit like Angelina Jolie because she has the same beautiful lips and the looks of a cute doll. Taking off her nylon socks she lets me sniff them, feeling the sweet odor of her skin. Then, she orders me to kiss her feet, tasting her toes and the wrinkled soles.

nylon socks

Click here for nylon socks pics!

Anita – white socks

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Anita is wearing her sport equipment, and of course smelly sport shoes and white socks. She will start by taking off her sport shoes and will rub her perfect feet in white socks right in fron of your face. Then she takes off her socks without hands help (this is nice) and you’ll see a perfect red pedicure. Anita will sit on the floor and will rub and arch her wrinkled soles for your pleasure.

Anita - white socks

Tina – nylons socks and bare soles

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You know Tina for quite a long time now, but every clip with her will be special. In this one she’s wearing some short pants so you can see her nice long legs, and a pair of black nylon socks. After some teasing with the socks on, you’ll get to see her nice soft soles. Enjoy this one!


Annabelle – well worn socks

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Annabelle is one of our latest additions to Noemi’s World. This was her first shooting ever, and she came with wearing some very well worn red socks, so we thought it’s a good moment for a video clip. Annabelle is sitting on the armchair, wearing a pair of jeans and her dirty socks. She will rub her feet in your face very slowly so you can watch very well her socks. Then she takes them off to show her incredible looking soles, arching and flexing them, and wiggling her toes. Have a good time watching this clip!:)

Annabelle - well worn socks