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Celine – tan pantyhose on table

Coming home after spending a night at the club, Celine is happy and enthusiastic, eager to go on with the party. Wearing her sexy green blouse and short white jeans she feels so comfortable, although she has danced all evening. She has made a favorable impression on everybody when she appeared dressed like that, wearing these amazing high heels sandals, perfectly matched to her blouse. These gorgeous sandals made my day! So sexy and fashionable, emphasising the natural beauty of Celine’s feet. The smooth tan pantyhose make her long legs even sexier and more appealing to me. I have waited to come home from the club in order to manifest my excitation. Her sandals were mine for some time, my senses are full of their smell and touch, and know I’m into kissing and caressing Celine’s wide, smooth and perfumed soles.

tan pantyhose

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September 17, 2015

Sexy brunette Arlene in black pantyhose

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Arlene wearing those sexy black stretched pants. Dressed in black from head to toe, she was a real female dominant, not accepting any refuse from me. I acted as a slave in order to obey my bad goddess who made me kneel in front of her, kissing and caressing her feet in soft black pantyhose. Her perfect long legs were so exciting in the perfectly snugged shining leggings. She made me lick her legs, feeling the fine texture and the sexy strings under my tongue. I felt like she was a rare delicacy under my hands and mouth and I couldn’t get enough sniffing the warm aroma of her toes. She ordered me to stop licking her soles because she wanted to see my cock getting harder when touching her feet. It was such a great excitement for me that my sperm busted on her black pantyhose.

black pantyhose

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September 13, 2015

Beautiful tall girl Karly in nylons

Karly loves jeans. I love jeans also but I love nylons more. She made me a surprise getting dressed both in jeans and in tan nylons also. She is so cute and she wants to please me, being so happy when sees me excited. As I watch her long legs in that sexy tan hose, under the ragged jeans, my dick starts to harden. Getting closer to her soles I can sniff the amazing flavour and my tongue starts to play along the silky nylons. It is an incredible sensation of pleasure, relaxation and excitement in the same time. My mind is running wild and my dick is no longer mine as it is wrapped between both her soft large soles.

nude pantyhose

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September 3, 2015

Amazing Lea in nude pantyhose

I am surprised to see Lea at my door without talking on the phone first. She is neatly dressed exactly as she dresses when going to the office. Lea is a tall and slender and in this black and white dress she looks perfect. Her dark long straight hair is beautifully combed-out.
Looking at her perfectly shaped legs I’m so impressed that I stand still and I stare for a moment. She is talking about something while I admire her, but I don’t really understand because my eyes are on her black high heels shoes.
– You are so naughty! You don’t pay attention to what I am saying!
– Sorry, but you look absolutely astonishing! I can’t pay attention to anything but your body!
Lea is smiling, her beautiful warm smile, and sitting on the chair swings her sexy shoes tempting me. Looking into my eyes, Lea tells me that she wants me to take off her shoes. I do this, touching her feet and sniffing the elegant shoes. She rubs her feet on each other and I’m so aroused seeing her feet dressed in nude pantyhose that I almost salivate like a puppy in front of a steak. She puts her feet on my lap and my hands are sliding along the perfect legs. My tong licks the soft warm soles and I can’t get enough of sucking her sweet toes. Lea lets me do whatever I want and then she rubs gently on my cock.
The pantyhose feel so soft and silky, so very exciting!

nude pantyhose

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July 19, 2015

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