Beautiful Flavia in nude nylons

Long, slender legs wearing nude nylons graceful stretched are so feminine and elegant. Even though I was looking at such a beautiful girl, my mind was running wild, creating scenarios about those great shinning high heels shoes. I saw myself kneeling like a slave, kissing those shoes, while Flavia looked at me like a queen. So elegant and powerful, she made me clean her shoes with my tongue, carefully directing me, in order not to miss a single spot. As her sexy shoes were clean, she allowed me to sniff them, to feel the odor inside them, and it made me so happy and horny. The sweet warmth of her soles increased the lever of my blood pressure, my dick was so hard and ready to burst. Her flexible feet were incredible on my cock and Flavia made me so happy I can’t describe.

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Brunette teacher with glasses in grey pantyhose

Brunette Tora, in her little black dress, this beautiful teacher is wearing her purple eyeglasses that are making her even sexier. Her body curves are perfectly highlighted and her slender legs seem even longer due to these black high heels shoes. The truth is that I love her shiny grey pantyhose and can’t help but kiss her feet and legs. I love to put my tongue on her stiletto and feel a great, unique sensation that makes my senses go wild and my heart beat faster. Taking off her shoes, she looks so delicate and feminine, like a graceful black panther. I’m getting anxious and I’m down on my knees feeling the smell of her feet and the taste of her delicate soles.

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Beautiful Nerissa in tan pantyhose

Although it was pretty warm outside, I asked Nerissa to wear her tan pantyhose under her short jeans because I wanted to spend some special moments with her pleasing me. I bought these pantyhose especially for her long perfect legs, imagining how they would feel on her feet.
She put these soft tan pantyhose on, and she ordered me to touch her feet. Coming closer to her I could feel the warmth of her legs and the sweet odor of her large soles. She asked me to kiss her feet and I obeyed instantly, obviously satisfied. She pushed her toes into my mouth and can could feel the reinforcement of the pantyhose on my lips. My hands were touching along her silky legs, rubbing and caressing, while my mouth was busy sucking her long, tasty toes.

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